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Norman F. Reiter

A 1947 graduate of Wheelersburg High School, Norman Reiter was a member of the Class of 1947. Norman Reiter as a student at Wheelersburg High School in 1946-47 was awarded the Bausch & Lomb Science Award as top science student at WHS.

Norman Reiter graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Ohio University in 1951 and the United States Air Force Chemical School in 1952.  He served in the Air Force as a First Lieutenant from 1951 through 1953.  Norman was a Korean War veteran.

He was a member of the first group of chemical scientists employed in 1953 at the atomic plant in Piketon.  Norman became a Senior Scientist and was employed at the Goodyear Atomic/Martin Marietta plant 36 years.  During his career he was awarded four United States patents for inventions in the atomic research field.

Norman was a faithful community servant.  He was past member of Boy Scout Troop 21; achieved the Eagle Scout rank and later became Scout Master of Troop 21; and started a Boy Scout Troop in Okinawa in 1952.  He was a member of Wheelersburg United Methodist Church, American Legion Post 23 and the American Chemical Society

He was married to Carol Dheel, class of 1950 on August 1, 1953.  They had four children Terri, Tammi, Trish and Tim all proud graduates of Wheelersburg High School.

Norman Reiter passed away February 2, 1989.  He served our community, nation and society with passion for science which brought honor to himself, his family and our school.  His life serves as another shining example for all graduates of Wheelersburg, past and future, to emulate.