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Nancy Rae Litteral

 Due to a tragic accident three weeks before her graduation in 1954, Nancy had to endure long hours of therapy and rehabilitation to prepare her to accept and cope with being a quadriplegic. She spent one year in a rehabilitation centre where she first became acquainted with painting while still able to use her hands. She learned to paint by taking a correspondence course and has become a well-known mouth¬-painter and an independent oil painting artist for thirty-five years. Her art is circulated worldwide and many in the community have her beautiful work hanging in their homes. Her art sales have enabled her to make substantial contributions to many charities.
A classmate commented, "Nancy Litteral is one of the most courageous and successful people-despite all of her adversities-to graduate from Wheelersburg High School and deserves a place in the Wheelersburg Hall of Fame".

1962-1965 Correspondence Art School

1990 - Full member AMFPA (Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World)

1991 Outstanding Ohioan award
1991 The Occupational Therapy Community Connection Award