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Robert L. Litteral

Robert Litteral

 Robert Litteral had plans of becoming a chemist after his high school graduation, but life often has other plans. After his first year of college, his experiences in some ministry work in Chicago, let him to change is major to Biblical Studies. He spent the summer of 1958 observing mission work in Costa Rica and after visiting an lndian group felt called to Bible translation work. He spent the summer of 1959 in Haiti. In 1964 he and his wife, Shirley, went to Papua, New Guinea and in 1965 began working with the Angor people, one of over 800 language groups there. The Angors had their first contact with the outside world in the mid-1950s. During their first 5 years in PNG, their children Dan and Nanette were born.

Honors and accomplishments:
1986-87 Missionary Scholar in Residence at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College
Volunteer, Prison Fellowship
Authored a thesis and a dissertation, two books and over 20 articles, mostly only multilingual education.

Work Experience:
Missionary and Ministry Work
1989-1992 Technical advisor for language and literacy with the National Department of Education, Papua, New Guinea

Wheaton College, Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies
University of Michigan, Master’s Degree in Linguistics
Wheaton College, Master’s Degree in New Testament
Ph. D. in Linguistics at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1980


Wife: Shirley Carroll
Children: Dan and Nanette