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Henry Bussler

Henry Bussler loved the Wheelersburg community and is fondly remembered as a kind and generous man who would lend a helping hand to his neighbor. He operated a small gas station for over 50 years and offered many young men their first job.
He was an active community servant. He served as a Porter Township Trustee for 31 years and was a founding member of the volunteer fire department. Henry was a member of the Kiwanis Club and Western Sun Lodge and a 32nd degree Scottish Rites Mason. He drove a school bus route and was an avid WHS football booster. In 1937, Henry Bussler married Jean Burnside. They had two daughters, Connie Boggs and Kaye Dosgrove, and four grandchildren, Donna, Paul, Todd, and Natalie.
Mr. Bussler passed away July 5, 1984. He served our community with a great passion, so as to bring honor to himself, his family and our school. His life serves as an example for all graduates of Wheelersburg, past and future.