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Kathleen Skiver

Kathleen Skiver

Inducted: July 2010

Kathleen was born January 29, 1924. She was the oldest of six children. She has three sisters and one brother still living. She celebrated her 86th birthday in 2010 and lives in Portsmouth at North Taylor Court in Forest Heights Apartments with her sister, Evelyn.

Kathleen Skiver is a graduate of Wheelersburg High School Class of 1942. After graduating she worked at Curtis Wright Defense Plants, and then attended the Office Practical School of Columbus. She worked in the office of Selby Shoes in Portsmouth and then became secretary of Wheelersburg High School in 1951. She was secretary to Lester Collett, Jacob See, Arthur Preston, DeWitt Terry, Edward Hall, Frank Miller and Ted Adams. Kathleen’s job was not just answering the phone and writing out tardy slips, which in her words was “the most exasperating task.” She was always running papers on the mimeograph machines and many years, when it was time for lunch, Kathleen went to the cafeteria to run the cash register and was there until the deposit for the day was prepared. Then it was back to the office to complete her other duties. She was truly a “Girl Friday” for the school. Whatever was asked of her, she did. She touched the lives of every student that walked the halls of Wheelersburg High School from 1951-1985, either directly or indirectly. She was also the Bible Club advisor. She was one of the most dedicated persons to the school, faculty, and students. She retired from the District with thirty-three years of service.

Work Experience:
Curtis Wright Defense Plant
1951-1985: Wheelersburg High School