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Dr. Jacob Gerlach

Jacob Gerlach’s passion for education became his driving force to a career in education.  He is a 1960 graduate of Ohio University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.  Jacob Gerlach continued his education at OU to earn a Master’s of Education in Mathematics in 1962.

Dr. Gerlach began his teaching career at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater in 1968 completing his Ph.D. in Mathematics at UW in 1970.

Dr. Gerlach has been recognized for his leadership skills in facilitating the University of Wisconsin in updating and revamping the Computer Science majors being offered t that time.  This was a new era in the business world of computers and the existing majors being offered were not necessarily meeting the world’s business needs.

Dr. Gerlach and two other UW staff members petitioned the Board of Regents of the University to merge and create one department which combined faculty and curriculum from both the departments of Computer Science and Management Information System into one – Management Computer Systems (MCS).

After the Management Computer Systems program was established, the Data Processing Management Association began a national program to promote the recognition of best business computer programs in the United States.  UW Whitewater program won the inaugural award.  And was awarded this honor multiple times.

Dr. Gerlach was a vital part of the development of UW Whitewater’s Management Computer Systems major.  His diligence and hard work not only assisted the business world but also enabled the success of countless college graduates entering the work force as competitive business partners using state of the art computer knowledge.

Dr. Gerlach has an extensive resume of community and civic service.  He is noted for being a member of the Whitewater Wisconsin Kiwanis Club where he served as secretary for 21 years.  He is also a member of the United Methodist Church at Whitewater and sings in the church choir.

He married Mary Anne Davis in 1962.  They have three children, Joy, Lois, and Charles and five wonderful grandchildren.