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Parent Compact


The school-parent compact is a written agreement. The compact outlines how parents, teachers, other school staff, and students will share the responsibilities for improved student academic achievement.It explains what families and schools can do to help children reach high academic standards of excellence. Wheelersburg Elementary School receives Title I funds and is required to develop a school-parent compact. The important purpose of the school-parent compact is to serve as a clear reminder to all stakeholders’ their responsibilities at school and at home to ensure children attain the state’s academic standards. The underlying assumption is that a student’s academic success will improve when the home and school work together.

What are the Requirements for a School-Parent Compact?

A school-parent compact should describe the school’s responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment. The curriculum and instruction should enable the student to meet the state’s academic standards. Additionally, a description should be included of ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting their children’s learning, such as;

  • monitoring attendance;
  • homework completion;
  • television watching;
  • school volunteering;
  • education decision making;
  • positive use of extracurricular time;
  • describe communication between teachers and parents;
  • annual parent-teacher conferences where the compact is discussed;
  • frequent progress reports to parents;
  • reasonable access to staff;
  • classroom volunteering, participation, and observation opportunities.
The Wheelersburg Elementary School and Parent Compact is available by clicking (here).
The Wheelersburg Middle School and Parent Compact is available by clicking (here).