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Cross Country Fall 2021

What is Cross Country?

Running. Yes. Running. To many this may not seem like something fun to do. Cross country, however, is a lot of fun and teaches you great work ethic. While I cannot promise at first that it will not be hard. If one keeps training for 2 to 3 weeks it gradually gets easier and easier. 

We train over the summer Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The other days you can run on your own. This is not mandatory however, this helps August be way easier because you are already in shape.  We also will have 4 fun events this summer. Pool party, Fishing/Cookout, Movie night, Cross Country Camp.

Our races in fall  consist of 5K (3.1 miles) for high school, and 2 miles for jr. high. We have meets on Saturdays. Typically we are back anywhere from 1-2:30 on saturdays. Our practices are typically over at 4:00-4:15 pm after school. That is only 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes! We run and go home. We practice 5-6 days a week in August. When meets and school start up we only practice Monday-Friday. Meets on Saturday. You can ride home with parents after race. 

This is an awesome opportunity for anyone who is wanting to try something new, get in shape, and push yourself to limits you never thought you could go. You will be able to do something a lot of people don't even want to attempt, and you will also make great friendships along the way. 

If you're interested, talk it over with your parents first. They can email me if they have any questions. Then, if you decide it's something you want to try, send me an email at [email protected]wheelersburg.net stating that you are interested. I will send you more information from there. We will also have a signup sheet in the office. 

I hope to hear from you! We would like to see new faces out there! 

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