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Student Documents

Document PurposeApplies ToInstructions
 General Forms   
Student Registration Form
Enrolling a new student must be completed using the OneView online system.  Instructions for OneView can be found on:
Form that must be completed ONLINE to register a new student in the DistrictParents of NEW students entering the District, (PS-12)Parents should complete the form ONLINE. Instructions will be emailed to parent once the initial enrollment form is completed online.
Free & Reduced Lunch Application
(this form will be done through PaySchools Central -
Application for your child to receive free or reduced priced school meals. You need to submit only one form per family, and list all children on the one form.1 form per familyParents should complete online. 
Sharing Information with Other Programs
(This form is included in the online OneView system) 
Form that gives the school permission to share your information shown on the Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application
1 form per family
Parents should answer this question in the OneView system.
Address Change (This will now be submitted through the OneView system)Notifies school of any address change you may have had since last school year.Students that have had address changes.Parent will log into your OneView account and submit your address changes.
Explains acceptable use policies for using the Wheelersburg network and District computers. Until the signature page is returned, students will not be issued their computer network account.Applies to all students K-12Parents and students should read through entire policy. Agreement to this policy is included as part of the OneView system.
Emergency Medical Form
(Completed in OneView)
To enable parents and guardians to authorize the provision of emergency treatment of students.Parents and all students-PreK-12Parents should complete the form. Students should return to the school.
Prescription Medical Administration FormForm that must be completed before any medication can be administered at schoolALL students, as neededPrint and complete the form whenever your child is prescribed medicine that must be administered at school
Pesticide Notification Form
(This item is now included in the OneView system) 

Board policy: ECG-E
Parents may request to be notified in advance before any service visit conducted by a pesticide business.

ALL students, if requested by parentParents will respond to this question in the OneView system.
 Used to request that a student living outside the District be accepted to attend Wheelersburg Required for any student wishing to attend Wheelersburg but does not live within the District boundaries   Form to be completed by parent/guardian and returned to the Superintendent's office.

Elementary/Middle School Forms
Latchkey HandbookPolicies and procedures of the Latchkey programGrades K-8Read the handbook
Must be completed to use the Latchkey serviceGrades K-8Please complete the online application form for Wheelersburg Latchkey 
Project MORE Mentor FormForm needed to become a mentor in the K-3 MORE programAdultsMust be completed and returned to the MAP coordinator, Tina Green
Elementary Student HandbookContains policies & procedures for Grades PS-3Elementary StudentsParents should read through the complete handbook.Acknowledgment of this handbook will be done in the OneView sytem.
Middle School Student HandbookContains policies and procedures for Grades 4-8Middle School Students
Parents should read through the complete handbook.
Acknowledgment of this handbook will be done in the OneView sytem. 
Middle School Athletic Handbook 2020-21
Policies pertaining to participating in middle school athletics.7th & 8th grade students and parents of students participating in middle school athletic programsParents and students should read completely.

 Preschool Handbook 2020-21

Policies and procedures of the Preschool Program. Parents of students enrolled in the preschool program Parents should read the complete handbook.
High School Forms
Contains a description of all the courses available at WHS. Also included are graduation requirements.Parents and high school studentsParents and students should refer to this before registering for classes.

Contains policies & procedures for Grades 9-12High School StudentsParents should read through the complete handbook. Acknowledgment of the handbook will be submitted in the OneView system.
Chromebook Loan Agreement (available in OneView)
Chromebook Protection Plan (available in OneView)
 The Policy contains the board approved policiens and procedures for HS students chromebooks.
 Parents and Students in grades 9-12, attending classes in the high school building. Completed online in the OneView system
Form needed to be completed by all athletes participating in summer athletic programs, camps, practices.Parents and students in grades 9-12Must be signed by parents and returned to the school.
High School Athletic Handbook 2020-21Policies pertaining to participating in high school athletics -Parents and StudentsPlease read completely.
Additional Form Required for Athletic Summer Use Only) Emergency Medical
Form needed to be completed by all athletes before participating in any athletic event.
Must be completed before treatment can be done. 
Parents and students in grades 9-12 that will be participating in any athletic programs.
Must be completed by parents and physician and returned to the school.
Work Permit
Form need in order for a minor to workStudents and parentsMust be completed and signed by parents and superintendent

Peer Tutoring

Form that must be completed and signed by a parent to register for the tutoring program.Parents and students interested in the peer tutoring program.Students or parents may complete and sign the form. Return to the peer tutor advisor.
Honor Code FormForm to be signed by high school students to agree to uphold, respect, abide by, and help maintain the Honor CodeHigh School StudentsMust be signed by ALL high school students and returned to 1st period teacher
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