Supply Lists » Third Grade Supply List

Third Grade Supply List

Wheelersburg Elementary School

School Year: 2024-2025

Grades: 3rd Grade

Classes: All Third Grade Teachers

Please send these items to school with your child on the first day of school. Please do not send Trapper Keepers or individual pencil sharpeners with your child to school. A folder will be provided. Extra supplies will be collected and kept in the students’ homeroom until needed. Please put names on all supplies, including pencils.


  • 2
    Bag(s) of Individually Wrapped Candy
  • 2
    Box(es) of Kleenex® Brand Facial Tissues
  • 3
    Crayons, 24 Count
  • 2
    EXPO® Dry Eraser Markers, Black, 2 Pack
    Must be BLACK only for a total of 4 markers
  • 4
    Elmer's® Glue Stick
  • 1
    $7.00, please make checks payable to Wheelersburg Schools, this covers the cost of Scholastic News magazines
  • 2
    Fiskars Scissors
    pairs, pointed
  • 2
    Mead® Five Star® Spiral Notebook+ Study App, Wide Ruled
  • 2
    Panasonic Earbuds
  • 2
    Paper Mate® #2 Woodcase Pencils with Erasers, 24 Pack
    no mechanical pencils
  • 1
    Paper Mate® Pens, Red
  • 1
    Pencil Bag/Pouch
    (pencil bag), large
  • 2
    Sharpie® Highlighters
  • 1
    Sock (Toddler, Child, Teen)
    old, to use as an eraser