Supply Lists » Pre-First and First Grade Supply List

Pre-First and First Grade Supply List

Wheelersburg Elementary School

School Year: 2024-2025

Grades: 1st Grade

Classes: All First Grade Teachers

When sending your child’s supplies to school, please have 1 supply pouch ready to use on the first day. The second pouch can remain empty. Please have 3 sharpened pencils, 1 package of crayons, 2 glue sticks, and 1 pair of scissors in the first supply pouch. Please put his/her extra labeled supplies in a gallon bag with his/her name written on the outside. Students’ supplies will be checked every 9 weeks. If new supplies are needed, parents will be notified. If possible, please have your child’s name marked on supplies and clothing. It is not necessary to label pencils. Please bring your child’s supplies to the First Grade Open House to leave in their cubby.


  • 2
    Box(es) of Kleenex® Brand Facial Tissues
  • 1
    Box(es) of Ziploc® brand Storage Bags, Gallon Size (Boys Only)
  • 1
    Box(es) of Ziploc® brand Storage Bags, Quart Size (Girls Only)
  • 4
    Crayons, 24 Count
    boxes, no higher than 24 please
  • 1
    Elmer's® Glue Bottle, 4 oz
    school glue
  • 10
    Elmer's® Glue Stick
  • 1
    $8.00 for supply, e for first grade (your child’s teacher will send a letter home after school starts requesting this fee
  • 2
    Fiskars Scissors
  • 2
    Mead® Five Star® Pocket Folders, Plastic, with Prongs/Brads
    3-prong, 2-pocket, most durable
  • 1
    Panasonic Headphones
    pair, no wireless and they may need replaced during the school year
  • 2
    Paper Mate® #2 Woodcase Pencils Sharpened with Erasers,12 Pack
    plain, no designs please
  • 1
    Treasure Box Items (Optional)
    chest donations, greatly appreciated (candy, fruit snacks, erasers, small toys)
  • 2
    Zipper Pencil/Supply Pouch for 3-Ring Binder
    (pencil pouches)