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The Treasurer's Office of the Wheelersburg Local School District exists to support our students by providing information to the public and support services to school administration and staff. We hope that you will find the information here helpful.

The treasurer and staff are responsible for many things. Among them are:

  • Processing all district purchase orders and paying the district's bills;
  • Receipting incoming cash and monitoring internal controls over assets;
  • Reconciling district records to bank records; 
  • Planning cash flow to meet the needs of the district;
  • Investing available cash;
  • Reporting financial information monthly to the Board of Education;
  • Evaluating financial trends and legislation to provide guidance to the administration for long-term planning;
  • Preparing and updating the district’s Five Year Financial Forecast;
  • Administering the financial aspects of federal and state grants;
  • Coordinating the district’s annual financial audit;
  • Preparing district payroll and managing employee insurance benefits;
  • Recording the minutes of the Board of Education’s meetings.

The treasurer’s staff is a competent and helpful group. Gloria Pistole joined the staff in 2006 and Mandy Thomas was hired in 2017. George Grice has been the district treasurer since 1996.

As a government body, the district accounts for its revenues and expenses by fund. The General Fund is the main fund of the district. Revenue from residents’ real estate taxes and from the state of Ohio goes into the General Fund for the basic purpose of educating children and pays for the broad variety of expenses relating to operating a school system. Therefore, our monthly financial report  mainly tells about the General Fund. The district's fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30.

This website provides the monthly financial report as approved by the Board of Education. Each report begins with a summary of revenues and expenses for the General Fund and then for all of the district’s funds (excluding funds dedicated to paying construction debt). The second page lists revenues and expenses by categories, comparing (1) current fiscal year results with the current budget and (2) current fiscal year results with the past two years. Finally, we include the reconciliation of the district’s records with its bank records, along with details of the district’s investments.

You'll also find a copy of the district's most recent Five-Year Forecast. The state of Ohio requires school districts to update a forecast twice each year--in November and May-- that shows three years of historical data and five years of forecasted data.  Forecasts are based on the best information available at the time the forecast is written to assume reasonable expectations for the future.  We monitor our forecast, updating it to reflect the impact of recent events that could change the district's financial outcome.  

If you have questions or comments, please call me at 740-574-0563.

George Grice, Treasurer/CFO
Wheelersburg Local Schools