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Tim Gilbert

Mr. Gilbert's Webpage

I have been a teacher in the Wheelersburg School District for 32 years. I taught English in the high school for 19 years before becoming the gifted intervention specialist. After 4 years working with gifted students I became involved with Title I Reading in the middle school for 4 years. For the past 5 years I have been working in the high school as the Rosetta Stone online foreign language teacher. Now, in addition to working with Rosetta Stone, I am also the Junior English teacher and ACT Prep. instructor.
I earned my bachelor's degree from Ohio University in 1988 where I majored in English and secondary education. I then earned a master's degree from the University of Dayton in secondary education. From the University of Cincinnati I earned a gifted endorsement allowing me to become a gifted intervention specialist.  
If you have any concerns, you may email at:

Daily Schedule

1st Period     Junior English CP
2nd Period   Junior English Gen.
3rd Period   Planning
4th Period   Rosetta Stone/ Academic Achievement/ ACT Prep.
5th Period   Rosetta Stone / Academic Achievement/ ACT Prep.
6th Period   Rosetta Stone / Academic Achievement/ ACT Prep.
7th Period   Junior English CP 

Classroom Supplies

English 11 students will need a one and a half inch binder notebook filled with lined notebook paper. These students will also need pens and pencils for classroom work. 

Rosetta Stone students will need to bring Chromebooks to class each day. Students should consider purchasing earbuds or headphones that have a microphone in order to complete the online activities.

ACT Prep students will need to bring Chromebooks to class each day. 
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