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Mock Trial

Mock Trial

This year's case involves government seizure of business property and the restrictions put in place due to COVID. Mock Trial is THE activity for Wheelersburg's best and brightest. 

2021-2022 Members

Rachel Davenport

Aby Jones

Makahla Petitto

Addison Mullins

Alex Thomas 

Maria Nolan

Kaleigh Bentley

Addy Bowling

Jerry Zheng

Maegan Jolly

Case Summary

Written into the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution is something known as the Takings Clause.  In short, this clause protects US citizens from having their property seized by the government without just compensation. Over the years, the United States Supreme Court has expanded this constitutional protection beyond just the physical taking of property to also include situations where government regulations go so far that the outcome is the same as if the government physically seized your property. When exactly does a regulation go too far? Does the government always have to compensate individuals for their property if it is heavily regulated? The 2022 Ohio High School Mock Trial case examines these questions in light of regulations passed to limit the spread of COVID-19. Hollis Fitzpatrick was the owner of a family restaurant, Fitzpatrick’s, in downtown Harmony. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the state of Buckeye in 2020, Fitzpatrick’s struggled financially and ultimately shut down. Hollis blames the government restrictions for the closure of their restaurant and is taking legal action to be compensated for their loss. Students will consider whether the pandemic restrictions were so severe that they constituted a taking of Hollis Fitzpatrick’s property that requires just compensation.

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