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Learning Recovery & Extended Learning Plan

Dear Parents,

Governor DeWine has asked schools and districts to work with their communities and educational stakeholders to help students continue to advance academically and to make up for any learning that may have been lost or delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and related disruptions.

Governor DeWine has requested that schools and districts design plans that address learning recovery and extended learning opportunities to meet the needs of students that could include, but are not limited to, extending the current school year, beginning the new year early, extending the school day or instituting summer programs, tutoring, remote options, and other remedial or supplemental activities.

Each district or school should consider its unique needs and issues and prepare its plan in a way that responds appropriately and leverages the assets of its unique partners including their Educational Service Center and other regional and community-based partners. The governor asked schools and districts to provide their plans to the public and General Assembly no later than April 1.

While we have created this plan in compliance with Governor DeWine’s request we reserve the right to modify the plan in the future. We will continuously monitor our student’s academic progress and well being and adjust our plans accordingly. 

You can view the entire Wheelersburg Schools Learning Recovery & Extended Learning Plan by clicking the link to the right or by clicking here.


Mark Knapp, Superintendent
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