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Johanna Sweger

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome!


 2021-2022 School Year Supply Lists

All classes: 1-inch binder, looseleaf, pencils a Spanish-English dictionary must be purchased 
($3.50 on Amazon) Write your name in it with pen. If you have one from last year, you may still use that.
Chromebooks do not need to be brought to class unless there is an announced quiz or test.

post-it notes or index cards - can be kept in locker or at home

My name is Johanna Sweger, and this is my sixth year teaching Spanish at Wheelersburg. I graduated from Penn State University in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education - English with a minor in Spanish, and I have a Master's Degree from Edinboro University in Secondary Education - English. I studied in Seville, Spain. I taught English and Spanish for six years in Pennsylvania before my husband, Keith, and I moved to Scioto County. We have two children and a Golden Retriever. I am looking forward to teaching all of my students and sharing my passion for Spanish and intercultural learning. 


Me llamo Johanna Sweger (Señora Sweger), y este es mi quinto año de enseñanza el español a Wheelersburg. Me gradué de Penn State University en 2010 con una licenciatura en la educación secundaria inglés y un menor en español, y tengo una licenciatura superior de Edinboro University en la educación secundaria inglés. Estudié en Sevilla, España. Ensené al inglés y español en Pennsylvania por seis años antes de mi esposo, Keith, y yo nos mudamos a Scioto County. Tenemos dos niñas y un Golden Retriever. Estoy feliz enseñar a todos mis estudiantes y compartir mi pasión del español y la educación intercultural. 


Email: [email protected] 

All digital lessons (and assignments for snow days) will be listed/taught on our Google Classroom pages

Spanish - Classroom Expectations, Grading Policy, Syllabi

College Prep Grading Scale:

A 93-100   B 83-92  C 73-82
D 63-72  F 0-62

Necessary Materials:
binder with paper

Writing utensil

Agenda with name
Post-its/index cards (at home)

Spanish-English Dictionary
Repaso Packet from last year (Sp. 2, 3)

Classroom Expectations

1. All rules from the Wheelersburg Student Handbook are enforced in my classroom.

2. Be in assigned seat when bell rings with Chromebooks shut and pencils already sharpened. If not, you will be marked tardy. If you arrive after I have submitted attendance for 1st period, you will be sent back to the office to be marked tardy and receive a slip. For 1st period, students are assigned a detention on the 4th tardy and all subsequent tardies. This number starts over in the second semester. For 2nd through 7th period, students are assigned a detention on the 4th tardy and all subsequent tardies. This number does not start over at the semester.

3. Students are permitted to return to their lockers or go to the bathroom during class only 3 times each grading period. This includes returning to lockers for homework. If a student chooses to go to their locker after these 3 times are used, they will be marked late. The student’s own agenda is required in order to leave the room.

4.  Speak only when called on unless during group work, and speak with self-respect and respect for others, at all times. Speaking disrespectfully, during instruction, or while another student is speaking is not permitted.

5.  Be engaged in class by taking notes, volunteering answers, etc. Students sleeping, working on other classes, or off-task on Chromebooks will receive one warning and then a detention.

6.  Work and focus until the bell or teacher’s dismissal.

7. Your desk and the floor below is the space you are given in the room unless otherwise specified. Do not leave your papers, belongings, returned projects, or garbage lying around.
8. La Languéra (Culture Night) is an exciting element of Foreign Language at Wheelersburg. Students must attend La Languéra to receive credit for its grade.  It will be scheduled around athletic practices and competitions.  Students with jobs outside of school should notify their employers of this event in advance and must attend La Languéra. If a child is sick or cannot attend the event, a make-up assignment of approximately two hours will be assigned, and a signed note from a doctor will be required for illness.                                                                                

Grading Policy 

1.  Small homework assignments of 10 points or less cannot be turned in late for credit.

2.  Assignments worth more points can be turned in one day late with a 50% grade deduction.

3.  If you miss an in-person class, first ask another student what was missed. If a test was missed, speak to me about scheduling a time to take it. Amount of days missed is the amount of time to make up the work.

4.  Student is responsible for turning in assignments due after an absence. Teacher is not responsible for asking for makeup work. If student does not submit work by designated due date, the score is a zero.

5.  Using Google Translate, or any digital translator, for assignments (unless specifically instructed to use it) is a violation of the Wheelersburg Honor Code. 

6. Pop quizzes and tests, unannounced, may be given throughout the year to check comprehension progress.

7. Immersion Learning - Part of the grade will be trying out the language! Students must speak in Spanish during designated “Solo Se Habla Español” classroom activities. In Spanish 3 and AP, students must speak in Spanish from bell to bell to both the teacher and to classmates. Dictionaries make the immersion learning experience easier and more independent.
8. The 9 weeks grade is weighted to Exams, Quizzes, Projects - 50%, Homework (completion or accuracy) - 25%, and Participation, Presentations, Spanish-only (25%).

I understand and agree to all of the expectations for the Spanish classroom.


Student Name/Signature

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