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Pirates United

In May of 2012, we started a new program at the middle school called the Wheelersburg Equality Alliance. This is our part of a state wide effort to teach acceptance to our youth in an attempt to reduce conflict in today’s school environment. Students voluntarily sign up to be a part of this and in essence take upon themselves a leadership role.

The purpose of this web page is to inform the public more about the Equality Alliance and also to commend our students for taking a position of promoting positive leadership in our school. The agreement that students choose to sign states this:

-Equality is the state of being the same.
-Tolerance is a non-judgmental attitude toward opinions and actions that differ from one’s own.
-Respect is showing proper courtesy.

Those who wish to sign their name should give careful consideration to the vows listed below. It is the intent of this alliance to enhance leadership and to build a school community where everyone feels valued. Those who do sign this agreement should keep this in mind and demonstrate these qualities on a daily basis with dignity and respect.

I Vow:
1. To stand up for those who do not have the confidence to defend themselves.
2.To speak respectfully to my friends and others.
3.To treat others as I would like to be treated.
4.To be a positive role model.
5.To demonstrate leadership qualities.

No matter what it is that makes me seem different from others, we are all the same.
We are all human beings, deserving of respect, civility, and friendship.

Some students were selected to be part of the traveling group. These students, along with the team of adult staff members, have developed a twenty-minute play that promotes equality. Students act out scenes that could take place on any given day at school and these progress from an elementary school setting to middle school and end with high school. We would LOVE to come to your school and perform our play! Just give us 20 minutes and we will do our best to improve your school environment forever!

We have performed at the Art & College Prep. Academy in Columbus, Minford Middle, Sciotoville Community, Green High, STEM Academy, and Portsmouth Middle School. Students there had a wonderful reaction to our play and the social exchange we shared inspired ALL of us to keep up the work associated with this project!

If you are interested in scheduling a performance of our play for your school or other community group, please call the WMS office at (740) 574-2515 and ask for Ms. Reutzel.

We are very proud of our students for choosing to be a part of Pirates United! It truly makes a positive difference in our school environment! 

Portsmouth STEM Academy Trip!

The Pirates United Travel Group visited Portsmouth STEM Academy on Wednesday, March 2nd. Students performed their Promoting Positivity Play and had small group discussions with STEM students of all ages! We had a great time and look forward to building on the friendships we created that day!


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