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Brian Oakes

Mr. Oakes's Web Page

My name is Mr. Oakes.  I have been teaching at the Wheelersburg Local Schools for 18 years.  I taught my first 9 years in the junior high and I am currently completing my 9th year at the high school. I teach the following subjects:  Algebra II, Advanced Math, and AP Calculus.  I believe all students can be good math students as long as they are willing to work!  So with that being said, I welcome you to my classes.  

Daily Schedule

 Period   Class
1st  Advanced Math7:45-8:40
2nd Algebra II8:44-9:35
3rd Ap Calculus9:39-10:30
4th Algebra II10:34-11:25
5th Advanced Math11:29-12:19
6th Prep12:54-1:46
7th Algebra II1:50-2:45

Supply Lists

 Algebra 2:  paper, pencils, three ring binder for organization, scientific calculator (texas Instruments are encouraged)
Advanced Math:  paper, pencils, three ring binder for organization, ruler, scientific or graphing calculator
      If purchasing a scientific calculator, then purchasing a Texas Instruments is encouraged.
      If purchasing a graphing calculator, then get a TI 83 or TI 84
AP Calculus:   paper, pencils, three ring binder for organization, graphing calculator is mandatory
        A TI 83 or TI 84 is the brand to purchase. I use a TI 83 on my smart board. It is the general accepted brand for     
        most math teachers and professors and it is the easiest to use. If you buy a Casio brand, then you will be  
        on your own to learn how to use them.  Texas Instruments are what I’m most familiar with. 
Note:  These graphing calculators are around $100. If you can’t afford one, then see me during the first week of school and we can work something out.  
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