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PreSchool Pre-registration is still open!
We are so happy that you are considering our preschool! If you have questions, check out the FAQS below.

To complete the pre-registration, you will need 3 documents ready to upload. You will be able to upload scanned copies, PDFs, and pictures from your phone.

The first document that you must have ready is the state required application. You must download and complete the application. For our program, you need only to complete pages 1 and 3. The other pages do not apply. Here is the link to the application: 

The second document or documents that you need to have ready is proof of income. Proof of income should be provided for everyone in the household. Examples of proof of income are copies of W2 forms from last year’s taxes, copies of two consecutive pay stubs, or other documents that verifies how much you earn.

The last document needed is proof of address. You do not have to live in the district to attend our preschool and your address will have no effect on your acceptance.
Here is the link to the pre-registration form:  Click Here

1. How is my eligibility determined?
The program must first serve families whose income is at 200% above the poverty line and below. Use this link to figure out where your family’s income falls.  The program has 48 “slots” for students. Thirty of the slots are for families who are income eligible. The other 18 slots are available to families whose income is over the eligible amount.  Families are accepted on a first come, first serve basis determined by which income group the
family falls into, income-eligible or over income.

2. Where can I get more information about acceptable income documentation and how income edibility is determined?
There is a lot of guidance provided to the school by the state. If you have a question about how to report your income, please email your question to the principal, Janeen Spradlin,

3. Is there a deadline for admission?
No, we accept pre-registration applications year-round but cannot have more than 48 students enrolled in the program at any given time.  Applicants are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
4. When will I know if my child is accepted to the program?
All applicants will be contacted in early June.

5. When I receive an acceptance letter, am I finished?
No. At that time, you are still not registered and will need to complete a thick registration packet. Many questions are answered in the cover letter inside the packet.

6. How much is the preschool tuition?
The proof of income that you provided will be used to determine your tuition amount.  Monthly tuition cost is determined based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Here are the tuition fees based on a sliding scale.
100% or below: $0
101%-150%: $25
151%-200%: $35
201%-249%: $75
250%-299%: $115
300%-349%: $200
350%-399%: $250
400% & above: $300  
Attachments Available To Download: