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High School Recognized in Newsweek Magazine
This year, Newsweek sought to recognize schools that beat the odds; performing better than statistically expected for their level of poverty. In a recently released Newsweek article, Wheelersburg High School was ranked number 265 among schools across the nation for student academic performance when poverty is factored into the ranking

Mark Knapp, Superintendent, stated, “We are extremely proud to be recognized in a national publication like Newsweek. It is a tribute to the hard work of the students and the excellent teaching staff of the Wheelersburg Local Schools. Our staff and students are focused on continuously improving academically and do not accept any excuses for not teaching and learning each day. The Newsweek magazine recognition represents the implementation and daily practice of our mission statement, which is, To ensure the highest quality education, and to prepare all students for their futures through an innovative and diverse learning environment. On behalf of the Board of Education and the Wheelersburg community we extend our congratulations for this well-deserved recognition to the staff and students of the Wheelersburg Schools.”

Read the full Newsweek article.