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6th Grade Science

Working at Wheelersburg Middle School is a wonderful experience. Teaching science to our students is a joy! 

All classes have daily class assignments written on the board. 
Tests will be announced well in advance. Daily reminders are given, as well as, review.  Tests are subject to change according to the needs of the individaul class period.
Homework is limited to unfinished classwork and studying for tests. It is up to the student to make sure work is taken home when needed.
Students are encouraged to keep binders in the classroom daily, however are welcome to take them home for the night.  

The content covered in 6th grade Science is modeled from ODE (Ohio Department of Education) state standards. A copy of these standards and projected months they are covered  in my classroom can be found in the binder under "Grades and Content" in the front of the binder. 
Please reference the syllabus signed and located in the student's binder for further information.

What is Currently Being Covered

 Life Science Section of binder
All papers will have quiz/test days on top. Students will be instructed in class ahead of time days of quiz/test.
  • Cell notes are in the binder. Titled "Cell Notes". These notes cover the basic concepts we will cover for the unit. The unit test will cover all of these notes.  
  • Test over the structure of the plant / animal cell will be given- Notes are Colored and labled, test will only label
  •  Worksheet with students drawing just structure then giving an analogy of their choice with a drawing in class-used to reinforce
  • Test of the functions of the plant/animal cell-Notes titiled "Organelles and Their Functions 
  •  Venn Diagram of Plant/Animal - test
  • Videos of cell, cell theory, and scientist who contributed
  •  Cell timeline worksheet-student drawn-use notes
  • Notes of "History of the Cell Theory"- Test over contributors 
  • Cell Project- Due Friday, February 1st. During class period. Students have Rubric and requirements in binder. May work on during school hours. Approval form helps chart student ideas. Students are given past class projects as guide as well as classtime for questions.
  • Extra credit points: 25 points January 22-25.
  • 20 points Monday, January 28
  • 15 points Tuesday , January 29
  • 10 points Wedneday, January 30
  • 5 points Thursday, January 31
  • Projects turned in on Friday, February 1st full credit given- no extra credit. 
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