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4th Grade 2017-2018 Calendar

Mrs. Jessica Saltsman


Daily Schedule




 Morning Meeting 7:30-8:00 
 Inclusion Reading with Mrs. Conn 8:00- 8:50
 Inclusion Math with Mrs. Stewart 8:54- 9:44
 Inclusion Writing with Ms. Bentley 9:47 - 10:38 
 Activity/Recess/Lunch 10:41 - 12:00 
 Inclusion Science with Mrs. Suter 12:04 - 12:56 
 Inclusion Social Studies with Mr. Kaskey 1:00 - 1:50 

Assignment Information





 Reading- SRA Corrective Reading Decoding Series lessons and daily vocabulary exercises are completed during each class period.  During this time, we will graph your child's reading fluency progress.  Fluency graphs will be kept in the classroom, but feel free to request a copy at any time. Your child will work on improving his/her reading fluency throughout the school year. 

See Mrs. Conn's webpage for weekly updates.

 Math- SRA Connecting Math Concepts lessons are completed daily with a group component and independent practice component. After every tenth lesson, students will complete a mastery test over the concepts covered.  The concept of repetition is strongly enforced to ensure that basic skills are mastered and more complex skills can be taught.

See Mrs. Stewart's webpage for weekly updates.

 Writing- SRA Corrective Reading Comprehension Series is used for daily instruction to reinforce our reading and comprehension skills.  Students will focus on improving basic thinking and reasoning skills to improve their ability to comprehend both basic and complex information.  Students will also work weekly with the Fry High Frequency sight words.  Weekly journals will be completed and will include one of our SRA comprehension skills (inferring, deducting information, analogies, and/or various other skills). We will also be utilizing a "power paragraph" that allows students to complete a guided writing activity that corresponds with a weekly article from their Story Works magazine.

See Ms.  Bentley's webpage for weekly updates.
 Science- See Mrs. Suter's webpage for weekly updates, homework and test schedules.
 Social Studies-See Mr. Kaskey's webpage for weekly updates, homework,  and test schedules.
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