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The Illustrious Mr. Pastor

Contemplate the image below and come to class on August 20 prepared to discuss your response at length.

1. A positive attitude, open mind, and diligent desire for true improvement and intellectual fulfillment. There is no room for negativity at Wheelersburg. Maintaining a positive attitude and approach is a necessary life skill everyone must develop.

2. One 3-inch binder (specifically for English) to serve as your class binder, in which you will keep all your tests, papers, quizes, notes, etc. for my class

3. One two-pocket or index folder for your Best of Me Portfolio (this is separate from your class binder; see me if you need a Best of Me folder)

4. One spiral notebook specifically for English (bring to class every day)

5. Pencils or blue or black ink pens (bring two to class every day)

6. Red pens (bring one to class every day)

7. Internet access from home. If this is an issue, please let me know. I am an understanding person (or so I hope) and I can work with you on this one.

8. If possible—access to a printer at home. If printing documents is an issue for you, then that’s fine. Just share the document with me or email me the attachment in advance (i.e. the night before the due date).

9. A constructive approach to everything you do, whether you are a student, parent, or teacher reading this. This is not a repeat of item #1. It’s just that important to your success as a student or parent, and our success as a district.

Class Resources
Project Files
List of Weekly Spelling, Vocabulary, Word Parts
This is a complete list of your WEEKLY spelling and vocabulary words. Of course, this may be subject to alteration depending on snow days, but here's the whole list so you can always know what your weekly words are! See the next file for your weekly word parts.

The Illustrious Mr. Pastor's Schedule

Period 1 7:45-8:40 AP Language / Composition

Period 2 8:44-9:35 AP Language / Composition

Period 3 9:39-10:30 English II College Prep

Period 4 10:34-11:25 English II College Prep

Period 5 11:29-12:19 English II College General

LUNCH 12:19-12:50 Seek me in the cafetorium or in my room if you have questions

Period 6 12:54-1:46 English II General

Period 7 1:50-2:45 Planning / Student Assistance (Tutoring) Period

AP Blizzard Bags 1-3
Eng II College Prep Blizzard Bags 1-3
Eng II General Blizzard Bags 1-3
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